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    Supplied Alejandra dances at the Pink House. She told how after their son was born, she 'tricked' him into meeting him when he visited her hoping for sex. These crimes involve a network of human traffickers, with agents, brokers, and clerics all part of the scheme. She says she was just 12 years old when her parents sold her into a forced marriage with a man from Oman. Muneera Begum, left, was sold by her mother into a sham marriage. The Pink House in the tiny town of Candido Sales, which is a centre for child prostitution in Brazil. Ajmal Rafiq, 38, of Rotherham, faces one count of false imprisonment and one count of indecent assault. It also passes through scores of poverty stricken villages and towns, to which it brings misery, drug addiction and a social tsunami of child prostitution. Salah El-Hakam pictured faces one count of rape.

    Young girls on girls sex

    Police say there are hundreds of cases like Begum's in Hyderabad's Old City. Preying on poor families Agents are located in several countries in the Middle East and Africa. The highway passes through dirt poor Brazilian towns like Salgueiro, where girls as young as nine are sent out to sell themselves. Nabeel Kurshid left faces two counts of rape and one of indecent assault, while Iqlak Yousaf right faces two counts of rape and two counts of indecent assault Salah El-Hakam, 39, of Sheffield, faces one count of rape. Reports said girls from the poorer states were being brought in to service workers on building the stadiums for these big events, and then for the sports fans attending them. I had a childishness in me. Muneera Begum, left, was sold by her mother into a sham marriage. The year-old, whose drug-addicted mother died on the infamous BR highway, is a working prostitute from the town where underage girls are raffled off to middle-aged men. Keep your mouth shut. She fell pregnant with his son at the age of 14 and gave birth to him when she was Town council psychologist Gleyce Farias told Meninadanca, which runs the Pink House charity, that regular raffles offered the winning ticket holder a young girl as first prize. But in March this year, the young girls took part in a march against child sexual exploitation, stopping truck drivers and traffic on the motorway. Girls smuggled into China and sold as brides A religious cleric who is also a part of the criminal network then signs a wedding certificate which has no legal standing and a post-dated divorce certificate at the same time. The victim claimed sexual activity with Ali Akhtar continued throughout the pregnancy. In a new short documentary just released by the Pink House, Alejandra speaks of her life on the road, getting picked up, used and paid by convoy of passing drivers. Young girls from poor neighborhoods, sold by their parents without their consent, to elderly tourists who come here looking for sex. The victim described how she initially disliked Ali Akhtar, of Rotherham. The agents have clients, usually elderly men, who then travel to Hyderabad. Tanweer Ali, 37, of Rotherham, faces two counts of indecent assault, two counts of rape and one of false imprisonment. Supplied Sign on the highway for the town. In our investigation, we visited a number of shelters, meeting victim after victim, all with horrific stories of physical and sexual abuse. Ajmal Rafiq, 38, of Rotherham, faces one count of false imprisonment and one count of indecent assault. Tanweer Ali pictured faces two counts of indecent assault, two counts of rape and one of false imprisonment However she eventually 'fell' for the delivery driver when he made her feel special by visiting her 'every day' after he finished his shift in the early hours of the morning. Supplied Alejandra confesses she loses her temper with her grandparents, perhaps because she is not the centre of attention. She comes sporadically to the house.

    Young girls on girls sex

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      Sex trafficking gangs target the town and poor families are vulnerable to offers of money for their little girls.

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      Often, when truckies had finished with her, they would just push her out the door of the long drop down from the cabs of their car-carriers or semi-trailers. The men are on trial with six others, all accused of committing historic sex offences in Rotherham Tanweer Ali, 37, and Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar, 37, both stand accused of indecently assaulting the girl between and when she was under the age of

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      They know brokers in Hyderabad the city with the largest Muslim population by percentage in India who approach poor families and convince them to sell their underage daughters because they need the money. Many are given drugs by their buyers, making them helpless, unable to stop what is happening.

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