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    Always dial triple zero for an ambulance in an emergency. Secure all valuables on your property. Ask your guests not to spread the word to others via SMS or the internet. Never mix drugs with alcohol or other drugs. Be vigilant if you have a swimming pool — intoxicated guests may fall in.

    Teex sex party

    It may not actually be the drug you think it is, but may contain something else. DECEMBER In a plea deal, a year-old porn actress has been sentenced to 10 years probation for her role in a drug- and alcohol-fueled sex party with three girls, the oldest of whom was 14 at the time. Your friend may suffer serious consequences if you delay getting them help. Ask gate-crashers to leave immediately or threaten that the police will be called. Guests are more likely to get drunk on an empty stomach. Call the police if you feel that a situation is beyond your control. Stay close by your friend and monitor their wellbeing. Educate yourself about drugs and their effects. Decide on a drink limit and stick to it. You are likely to make silly or even dangerous decisions when you have had too much to drink. Remember that it is illegal to drink alcohol on the street or in a public place or to carry or use illicit drugs. Tell a friend what you are taking if you intend to take an illegal drug. How to help a friend in need If your friend is suffering from the effects of alcohol or drugs or needs help, suggestions include: Turn the music down after midnight. Where to get help Police, call triple zero Ambulance, call triple zero Emergency department of your nearest hospital Kids Helpline Tel. Decide to stay together in a group and look after each other. Ask your guests not to spread the word to others via SMS or the internet. General suggestions for partying safely Make smart decisions, including: Two male codefendants, both of whom were 18 at the time of the sex party, struck similar plea deals earlier this year and were each sentenced to 10 years probation. According to court records, Bianca Byndloss this month copped to her involvement in the May incident at the Miami home of a male acquaintance. You risk gate-crashers and violent situations. Plan how to get home — for example, take enough money to share a taxi or nominate a driver to stay sober. In addition to her blog and Tumblr page--both of which are filled with explicit photos--Byndloss has a Twitter account with , followers. Register your party with your local police at least one week in advance. Leave for somewhere safe if you feel unsafe at a venue or party. Follow through with your threats.

    Teex sex party

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