• Sex has made me stupid


    Santana listens to the message over and over again. Naked, tangled so intricately she can't pull away, the smell of sex so pungent between them, Santana can only hold on. They're not much for conversation nowadays, and Santana's still not sure if she really trusts her, but she guesses that habit exists for a reason, because without Brittany, she reverts to form and texts Quinn to tell her she's at her Dad's for the weekend and he's working all day, so they have full use of the pool. The Santana of six months ago would have fucked Quinn without a second thought, and then used it to screw her over, because that's what their friendship was — fake smiles and stabs to the back. In this dark room in Ohio, Santana thinks of her. In short form, its about children who were not nurtured and as they grew saw the only way to fill the emptiness inside was to take without asking.

    Sex has made me stupid

    Santana's eyes stay on the road, but she is only aware of her hand, and the way Quinn molests it, smoothing a light touch up against her inner wrist and scratching softly against the inside of her palm. Her heart hammers wildly, and Santana finds herself so flustered, she has a severe urge to tackle Quinn and … kill her or fuck her. Again I will give him the benefit of the doubt: Untangling her fingers, she presses the AUX button on her radio. But Brittany is in Australia, and Quinn is here now, looking so lost and broken. Driven out of a deep sleep, Santana slaps at it on her dresser, and inadvertently causes it to tumble off of it and bury itself under the edge of her bed. Until recently, the major establishments that have been male dominated include politics including wars , religion, and commerce. Santana hears the water ripple; Quinn dipping into it. Quinn absorbs her words, looks at Santana and the way she's standing so stiffly, with fisted arms and blazing eyes. Why do we even have such a profession? There was a lot of lectures and scoldings, until Santana had had enough and ordered Brittany and Puck to just throw her in and 'get her wet'. What's going on with Quinn? Quinn comes violently, clamping down on her so hard that Santana actually winces. I need to shut the door. In fact every character is soiled in some way by the story that unfolds, and only Polly the Pistol comes across as a sympathetic character simply because her aspirations are more modest than those of the other characters. The AC is expensive. Quinn's window is open, but the tiny fan that Quinn's using to counter the heat only churns noisily, blasting hot air against her. My heart was racing, I was sweating profusely, and the room was spinning uncontrollably. Her words take the wind out of her, and lost in sensation, Santana has no response. Harry had given me jogging bottoms and a long-sleeve, white top to wear as we ate. She always thinks of Brittany. Barge in and ask what the heck is going on? Diamond do little to open up the story. Quinn doesn't ask for things. The sight is so achingly human, and it's captivating in the most dangerous way.

    Sex has made me stupid

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      Quinn doesn't respond, and Santana figures that maybe it's safe to look up. Long fingers wrinkle against the comforter, as Quinn's determined expression falters in favor of a trembling mouth, and watery eyes.

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      Fingers pull at her hair. I have discussed this phenomenon with my male and female friends they report similar experiences.

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      Not when Quinn's lying on her bed, bare feet crossed and swinging, as she flips through a fashion magazine, fiddles with her remote, and offers her a smile.

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