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    A year-old white female CC stated: It's often difficult to turn down a sale, even if it means not using a condom, and the decision about condom use is often left up to the customer. Usually there's security at night. Some maintained a social relationship with their regulars, including dinner or drinks before their interaction. And if I really need the money, you know, especially if I'm broke that day and have no other way of getting money, there's no choice. There are lots of young girls—there are girls out there that are 16 or 17—and they think it's a joke and they don't have any condoms. The data aren't perfect, Edmunds points out.

    Sex and trucks

    A year-old white male truck driver stated: The CCs reported being forced to choose between having sex without a condom and losing a sale. Truck drivers spoke of getting diseases through toilet seats and contact with others who don't clean themselves. Open in a separate window The sections that follow provide results from the qualitative interviews, beginning with a description of how CCs routinely solicit business from long-haul truck drivers. A lot of time they'll pay more for a guy than a girl. The data aren't perfect, Edmunds points out. Prevalence of sexually transmitted infections among long-distance truck drivers in Tongling, China. Most male drivers in L. The vehicles more likely to skew male are also predominantly American brands; just three of those top 10 vehicles come from foreign automakers. Because the lists were gleaned from registrations, a husband registering his wife's car in his name would be counted as a "male car. Sexual lifestyle of long distance lorry drivers in India: All of the CCs in the study reported that truck drivers used drugs and paid for sex while on the road. General Motors One list has four sports cars and six trucks. There's no literature in the truck stops telling people about that. They should make some kind of law where insurance is half if you can show you're going to be away from home five days a week. According to the CCs in the study, sexual interaction usually occurred in the truck driver's cab. Participation was voluntary, and it is possible that those drivers who volunteered for the study were less likely to use drugs or CCs than those who did not. The other list has nine small vehicles and one sedan. But other than that, that's just about all that's happening there. They reported having truck drivers pick them up outside of truck stops or driving into truck stops with friends. Participants in the study reported multiple and concurrent partners; inconsistent condom use; illicit drug use, including intravenous drug use; and the exchange of sex for drugs. Multiple sexual partners and condom use among long-distance truck drivers in Thailand. But if I got caught with a [CC] in my cab or with drugs, I'd lose my license. I stopped there one time about 8 or 9 at night and I was there maybe 35 minutes and there were five different women that came up to my truck. STD in Bangladesh's trucking industry: This is a means of getting it. Solicitation styles, however, were quite different.

    Sex and trucks

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    Truckstop Sex

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      They usually tell me what dates they'll come through. But just because of the desperate lifestyle I live, I guess that's why I don't always do that [use condoms], why a lot of people ignore it.

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      An additional domain raised by CCs was exposure to violence. A lot of truck stops will have machines in the restrooms.

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