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    My first marriage failed after 4 years. Since I failed at that every day, my feelings about myself never changed. Frantz's story My name is Frantz, and I am a sex addict. He will hold me in His arms and He will guide me. Let Him hold you just as you are. I was still trying to hiding my addiction and control when and how much I was acting out. Cara's story The name I am giving is Cara, and I am a sex addict. I know there were many times and sometimes years that I felt far from God but He was there, right there, working His plan. These paths are often filled with more insight and understanding about yourself.

    Sex addiction recovery stories

    As a boy I believed that love was hidden behind closed doors and in dark places. I had the knowledge and the insight into myself but I was no better. Then he got married again, this time to another sex addict. I lose track of time as I travel deeper into my world of fantasy and escape. When I was a 9 years old boy I was sexually abused by a family friend for over a year. I clicked off the computer. He said he would like to get married again and gives himself strict guidelines for dating. I know it was because of my parents and their decision to drink rather than be a part of my life. It was during this time that I made another choice to take a risk with school. The emptiness and loneliness continued. I was convinced I was not smart enough. I push aside any sense of responsibility to do something more productive. You cannot do it on your own. Sex Addicts Anonymous offer area support groups for people suffering from and with the affliction. God loves you and He is with you always. This gave me the new understanding and the willingness to take a new look at myself. He no longer felt like going to work so he ultimately lost his job and everything that mattered to him. It has a purpose in our lives. You can read more of each story by clicking the story headline. If you or someone you know is suffering from sexual addiction, help is available. It was over ten years later that I first told of that experience. After years of cheating on every man she was ever with, Jennifer found hope in recovery from sex addiction. She is proud to have 4 years clean and free from sexual addiction. I cannot really say I felt His presence or His hand working in my life. I found a real sense of freedom. Recovery stories Our stories Every group member has their own story to tell and their views are not the opinions of SAA as a whole.

    Sex addiction recovery stories

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    A Story of Sexual Addiction and Recovery

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