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    Even I too had sinned and enjoyed the sexual pleasures through him. Yes Maama, so what shall we do now, you look very tired after all this fucking. I just want you to be satisfied fully before you leave this room. His mouth was attacking my nipples and sucking milk. I put on my petticoat, panties and weared the blouse and saw that my Father-in-law had broken my hooks when he was trying to remove it.

    Saris hilton sex tape free

    He got down and lay on the mattress and joined his legs together. I removed the safety pins which were in my Mangalasutra sacred chain for Hindu married ladies and pinned my blouse with the pins. But you have to take care of my cock. He had completely satisfied my hunger for sex and my body was begging for more of it. I was worried now as he had stopped fucking me and was looking at me, I was staring at him with a worried expression on my face. I want a real man like you not like your son. He had not stopped fucking my pussy down even for a second and he was banging me in a rhythmic manner. You are in turn helping me save my marriage as I had already thought of leaving your timid son. Ok Jaya, give it to me, I will empty it in a second and make you lighter. But I became tense when I felt his other finger near my ass hole and trying to penetrate it. My Father-in-law gradually increased his speed of thrusting and to control myself from shaking violently I hugged him tightly on his bare back. I took out his manhood from the underwear and lungi and holding his big swollen 6 inch cock in my hands began to jerk him and kissed him on his lips. I could sense that his cock head was really big and my pussy had never seen this type of big cock and it resisted. My Father-in-law was already naked and I was in semi nude position, and I was enjoying his naked body touching my hot body and his manly sweat smell was intoxicating for me. No Maama, if you leave now, you will make noise and that person might hear it. S to pursue his M. I panicked on learning that my own Father-in-law is beside me and fondling with my body all this time in the darkness. He was engrossed in sucking my milk like a baby and was torturing my breasts with his hands to ooze out the milk faster and his other hand was on my empty left boob giving the same treatment to it. I opened my mouth to shout in pain looking at him with eyes wide open as my vaginal wall was stretched to its maximum limits, my Father-in-law sensing that I may scream any second closed my lips with his mouth and rested his huge body on me. I started to wipe his hairy chest, his back and bending a bit wiped his thighs also and finally came to my favourite part, his cock. His tongue had gone almost 4 inches inside my vagina and was licking deep inside and i was too happily sucking his big dick and tasting his sweet precum which was dripping faster now. But I felt lighter now as the milk flowed out of my nipple because my son was not interested in my milk and lots of them were stored in my boobs. You are welcome to come to me every night and fuck me and satisfy me and I will promise that I will satisfy you in all means, and this relationship of ours will be a secret between us. By this time my Father-in-law had worn his shirt and his lungi and searched for his underwear, he took it which was lying near the door and wore it. My fill roughly grabbed my breasts with his mouth and started to chew my nipple with his teeth mildly, I knew that my hot young body was giving him excitement for more sex and i felt proud of myself thinking that at least a manly man is treating me as a woman today , satisfying me and in turn satisfying himself. I put on my petticoat, panties and weared the blouse and saw that my Father-in-law had broken my hooks when he was trying to remove it.

    Saris hilton sex tape free

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      Since I was too tired to engage in sex with him, I just lay on the mattress and allowed him to do whatever he wanted. Since both our juices were mixed together it tasted different but it was tasty on my tongue.

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      It was swollen now and in that swollen position it was almost 6 inches and I wondered what might its size when it was erect may 10 or 11 inches, I shuddered at that thought and wondered how my pussy swallowed such a big cock inside it.

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      My milk was coming out in spray and fell on his cock drenching his tool with my milk. Maybe he will feel guilty for what he has done and start avoiding me from tomorrow.

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      As I was on top of him I turned my head towards his legs, and he turned slightly and rested his body on his left hand side. This did the trick for him as his cock was getting resistance by my pussy and taking the wind out of his cock.

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      He took his left hand from my left nipple and placing near my legs tried to lift my saree up along with petticoat.

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