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    Shell Easy to adjust but hurts legs Easy to attach to the door, once you how to use it I watched a YouTube video its really easy to adjust whilst you are in it which is great. Liberator Ramp Well suited to couples looking to explore, Liberator Ramp can easily be set up on the floor or bed, allowing for elevation and new positions. The main body lives under your mattress and the four restraints, one for each limb, are pulled up and over the sheets. There are pocket pussy and penis attachments that thrust on the piston. The swing takes my weight, which feels really good. Restraints Oh yes, restraints are the holy grail of bdsm toys. Using the Door Swing is Easy:

    Restraint sex swing

    Full Description This fabulous door sex swing is a total UK exclusive! Drop the strong tubes over the top of an open sturdy door, close the door and decide which one of you wants to be restrained. The restraint system is simple. This is a recommended versatile piece of kit. A gag certainly sets the scene for domination play. Cuff your partners hands together, to the bed post, or to the kitchen sink depending on the slave task they have to fulfil. The basic hog tie is just the start because the connectors all unclip to form different positions. Each curve supports you in new and exciting positions as virtually eliminates cramp, muscle fatigue and general complaining. Liberator Furniture Liberator furniture is the cream of sex furniture. The furniture is well made; there are no rusty springs or tearing material with Liberator. There are hours of fun to be had here, lock all the doors. It can be exciting to wonder what is coming next, or to feel you are totally in control of your partner. If your partner is always too tired or finished after 3 minutes then this is the sex machine for you! Robo Fuk machine is multi-positional to hit the right spot too. Oh, and its cover zips off for washing. Sex swings bring a new dimension to doggy style and oral. The Robo Fuk machine caters for men and women — whatever your preference. The star-shaped set-up belies what you can actually do with it. Here are some naughty accessories to spice up your bondage sessions. This is more than a swing because it incorporates elements of bondage — there are adjustable wrist and ankle restraints to tie you up in a variety of positions whilst swinging away. We use this sex swing at home, too, in the bedroom or living room on the doors. This machine looks great, and will make a kinky addition to any bondage games or BDSM play you can devise. The door can take the weight, and the sex swing is very sturdy and well-made. Who say dominance has to hurt your knees? Imagine reading that on the bus ride home. Total freedom of movement awaits you!

    Restraint sex swing

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    Sex Swing Stand with Wrist Restraints Clamp Belt for Couples/Swing for Yoga

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