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    Where concerns are raised regarding child sexual exploitation and the criteria are met for a strategy discussion this should take place within the Sheffield Safeguarding Hub and follow the Section 47 Joint Investigation Team Partnership Protocol. Definition and Guide for Practitioners DfE Female GPs made fewer home visits and had a higher referral rate for patients seen at home. Results There was no change in referral rates after the change in contract or in the greater than fourfold variation between those with the lowest and highest referral rates found previously. Relationships Hostility in relationships with staff, family members as appropriate and significant others; Physical aggression; Placement breakdown; Reports from reliable sources e. Support from the sexual exploitation service should remain in place until such time as the child or young person has been supported out of exploitative situations or the risk has been reduced. Attitude scores were calculated for the eight questionnaire attitude dimensions, by summation of the items from each dimension. The perpetrator always has power over the victim, increasing the dependence of the victim as the exploitative relationship develops.

    Referrers sex

    Referrals which fall within the boundary of universal on the continuum of need will most likely not require specialist intervention or social care input. Attitude scores were calculated for the eight questionnaire attitude dimensions, by summation of the items from each dimension. Referral rates were expressed as a face-to-face rate and a total rate. Independent Return Interviews with the child or young person undertaken in Sheffield by the voluntary sector, can help in establishing why they went missing and the subsequent support that may be required, as well as preventing repeat incidents. Qualitative research with the same group of OOH GPs suggests this may be due to lack of confidence, aversion to risk, feelings of isolation, and poor knowledge of alternatives to admission. Table 1 Comparison of being admitted to hospital if seen by a GP in each of the rates of admission quartiles from face-to-face contacts before and after introduction of the new general medical services contract. Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme The Child Sex Offender Review CSOR Disclosure Scheme is designed to provide members of the public with a formal mechanism to ask for disclosure about people they are concerned about, who have unsupervised access to children and may therefore pose a risk. Emotional and Behavioural Issues Volatile behaviour exhibiting extreme array of mood swings or use of abusive language; Involvement in petty crime such as shoplifting, stealing; Secretive behaviour; Entering or leaving vehicles driven by unknown adults; Reports of being seen in places known to be used for sexual exploitation; Low self-image, low self-esteem, self-harming behaviour, e. Providing a GP with special interest in primary care OOH service who could access alternatives to admission might enable GPs to alter their referral practices. First, an analysis of all the GPs on the database modelled whether the associations found were similar to those seen before the contract changed. A formal Bonferroni correction was not used as this was too stringent given the hypothesis-generating nature of the study. A disclosure is delivered in person as opposed to in writing with the following warning: The perpetrator always has power over the victim, increasing the dependence of the victim as the exploitative relationship develops. Where concerns regarding a child or young person identifies that individual as having complex or acute needs the case should be referred by the screening Social Worker to the sexual exploitation service for a specialist assessment based on risk. Identifying and Prosecuting Perpetrators The police and criminal justice agencies lead on the identification and prosecution of perpetrators. Staff and foster carers should bear in mind that sexual exploitation often does not occur in isolation and has links to other crime types, including: Design of study Cross-sectional comparison of admission rates; postal survey. GPs are also able to choose their shifts and, consequently, where they work primary care centre or making home visits. Some go missing frequently; the more often they go missing the more vulnerable they are to being sexually exploited. Items that were negatively correlated with the others were reversed and Spearman's rank correlation coefficients calculated to examine the association between referral rates and the eight dimensions. The referral rates were also very similar, with the overall rates being 9. The results suggest that interventions designed to address these problems may have a considerable impact on emergency admission rates. Information gathered from return interviews can be used to inform the identification, Referral and Assessment of any child sexual exploitation cases. If a disclosure is made, the information must be kept confidential and only used to keep the child in question safe. Our goal is to supplement the services our referrers provide — not replace them.

    Referrers sex

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      In such situations, discussions with them about concerns should be handled with great sensitivity. The child sexual exploitation training staff and foster carers receive should also include what information should be given to the police in such cases, for example vehicle registration numbers, names, physical descriptions.

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      It also aimed to develop an attitude-assessment tool to identify doctors with low and high referral rates to hospital which could be used in GP training sessions.

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      Some young people are engaged in informal economies that incorporate the exchange of sex for rewards such as drugs, alcohol, money or gifts.

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      Children and Young People who go Missing A significant number of children and young people who are being sexually exploited may go Missing from home or care, and education. GPs with a lower tolerance of risk are more likely to be high referrers to hospital.

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