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    Notable as the cause of death for actor David Carradine as well as Michael Hutchence, the lead singer for INXS, this is considered to be a dangerous sexual perversion. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Various bodily fluids are linked to their own sexual perversions. Sexual perversions are subject to Rules of the Internet 34, which states that if something exists, someone somewhere has made porn about it. Coprophilia Coprophilia describes those who are aroused by fecal matter.

    Puppet sex fetish

    What're you doing on that tree? Beastiality Whereas furries only have sex with other people in animal suits, those who enjoy beastiality have sex with real live animals. What an arousing book! On one foot, it's like a innocent librarian , on the other foot, it's like a sexy, naughty nurse. The details of this particular sock fetish usually involve: For most men, a brief glimpse of a nipple, leg or even a particularly curvaceous teapot is enough to get them aroused. The fact that there is a picture here of one wearing socks, just proves that paradoxes do exist. In retrospect, the cure is far, FAR worse than the disease. Harpaxophilia Harpaxophilia is the term which describes sexual arousal at the thought of being a robbery victim. When you push her down, make sure you push her onto a couch or a other soft surface, otherwise, the girl will most likely die. For others, something a little more specialized is required. Mysophilia Mysophilia is sexual attraction to foul or decaying material, whether it be meat, human flesh, or rotting animal carcasses. A study has shown that girls who wear toe socks are the most ticklish girls of all. Cartoon girls are hot! Enemas are, for those of you who don't know, a way of flushing out your colon with water, which leads to a massive bowl movement. An example of the dangers is this: But I'm sure they exist. These include the following: You can play this little piggy with them. Two different flavors of socks! Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. They shouldn't even be in this list. Sex with Puppets As seen in the movie Let My Puppets Come , there are those who get off by thinking about engaging in sex acts with a puppet. A sock puppet, sex it at your own risk Sock Puppet Fetish[ edit ] For some people, socks on people just aren't all that sexy. Needless to say, it's awesomely disgusting. Furries Furries are people who dress up in animal costumes and take on the persona of that animal. In extreme cases, the sight of socks could kill anyone with a sock fetish, from a massive orgasm overload.

    Puppet sex fetish

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      They spend all day sucking your life force away like a parasite, while they "claim" to keep you warm.

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      People with sock monkey fetishes aren't attracted to monkeys themselves, they are however attracted to soft, smelly, shit flinging toys or stuffed animals. What're you doing on that tree?

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