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    My best advice, find someone who loves and cares for you, wait until you two know each other well, then tell them you are trans, then have sex if both of you are comfortable. Surgeons vary considerably in their techniques and skills, patients' skin varies in elasticity and healing ability which is affected by age, nutrition, physical activity and smoking , any previous surgery in the area can impact results, and surgery can be complicated by problems such as infections, blood loss, or nerve damage. This relatively minor surgery, which is usually performed only under local anaesthetic, is called labiaplasty. Yeah, dilation is unnatural. I miss my easy access to my kids unlike many TS's I didn't completely lose access to them though , I miss my family and old friends I know they "shouldn't" have abandoned me but lots of folks aren't as open minded as they "should" be I had the sex change, I "pass" fine, my career is good but you can't imagine the number of times I've wished I could go back and see if there was another way. Despite following the rules and being as honest as I could with the medical folks at each stage, nobody stopped me and said "Are you honest to God absolutely sure this is the ONLY path for you?! I didn't know that until too late and now I have to make the best of the life I've stumbled into.

    Mtf sex

    I can speak the transgender party line that I was a female trapped in a male body and I remember feeling this way since I was 4. However you can contribute, I am so grateful for your support. This is a tricky one to answer since I always believe one should be honest. For anyone interested in how to repair nerve damage, look into the supplement CoQ10, specifically Ubiquinol. That's advice I wish someone had given me. Supporters of colovaginoplasty state that this method is better than use of skin grafts for the reason that colon is already mucosal, whereas skin is not. Found this video and article helpful? The amount of naturally born women who have told me how much they have related to my discussion of my surgically made vagina is quite astounding. This was a predictor that she might possibly become inorgasmic postop. To be completely honest at this point 3 yrs post-op is not easy, however, I'm not sure I would do it again. It all depends on the person. Daily dilation of the vagina for six months in order to prevent stenosis is recommended among health professionals. Other related procedures[ edit ]. The page that was in violation does talk about a sexual device, dilators, but you know what, you can call them dildos or sexual devices or whatever, but above that, they are medical devices since surgery was a medical process and I have a medical condition. This is the most awful, most expensive, most painful, most disruptive thing you could ever do. Please, check it out yourself before you do likewise. What is the need to rush and have sex and one night stands? This includes fetish content as well as sites that promote, sell or discuss sexual aids. For some people it can be great, but for others, it enhances the risks of depression and suicide. Selenium can be acquired from brazil nuts. I was taking testosterone for about a year, but stopped and found what worked best for me that I could incorporate into my diet and supplement regimen. Lubrication is possible if you are really in the mood. The truth is, everyone will have a different outcome. You can learn to be happy and love yourself without changing anything physically. Her loss of orgasmic capability postop proved to be an especially cruel outcome of her search for an "ultimate turnon". Exercise also helps get those testosterone levels up.

    Mtf sex

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    Gender Correction Surgery Male to Female Post op Dilation (Sigmoid Colon + Penile Inversion)

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      And this video may be the final straw since it discusses sexuality and surgery. These are DHEA, as well as iodine and selenium.

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      And I'm not the only one who suffers. Be sure to also sign up for my free newsletter on my website to get early access to all videos posted there.

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      The amount of naturally born women who have told me how much they have related to my discussion of my surgically made vagina is quite astounding.

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