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    This violence most typically takes form as violent victimization. Because regulation of sex work is informed by the scientia sexualis of the state, it allows for a more explicit telling of the power relations at play in these normative conceptions of sex, especially relating to gender roles. To evade persecution by law enforcement, underage FSWs often rely on third parties e. Juarez are located along major drug trafficking corridors 79 , contributing to high rates of methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin use In this way all violence can be understood as a reflection of state power dynamics. The fact that the regulation of sex workers falls only on female sex workers, also functions to validate the sexual desires and promiscuity of men.

    Mexican sex workers

    In Tijuana, Katsulis spent two years following the sex workers themselves. At the same time, by sanctioning a formal sex industry that process only female sex workers, the state expresses that women are the inevitable object of sexual desire. This makes pursuing and identifying the subject a nightmare in most cases. As such, an emphasis on vaginal sex, monogamy, and domestic wives available for reproduction and child rearing was created, upheld by bans on divorce, abortions, prostitution, etc. Similarly, street-walkers do not wear short dresses just because they are culturally objectified, but also because they are financially rewarded for doing so. In many contexts, street-based FSWs are more likely to use drugs and experience client violence, increasing the likelihood of unsafe sexual encounters and injection 62 , 65 , 66 , The zone was established outside the city to limit the contact of sex work with private property, schools, churches… essentially all of civil society. This makes them less prone to collective action, revolt, and to publicly challenging gender roles, but it also heightens the sense of economic competition between them. Because these women are visible and consistently subject to these disciplinary forces of law, it is difficult for them to imagine or experience sexuality in a way that is divorced from social inequity. Thorough legal constraints that apply to sex workers are a form of punishment and discipline, which all the while do not prevent male consumption. As Steve Bender explains in Run for The Border, there is a historical legacy of American men capitalizing on economically produced social inequity to buy sex across the border. All participants provided written informed consent. Sex bars in Tijuana famously used to offer sex shows where women in traditional dress would have sex with a donkey. That legal sex workers are a relatively hegemonic population, reveals a state sanctioned understanding of what is an acceptable or desirable sexual object. Sex workers are paid significantly more to not use condoms or to have anal sex, but instead of limiting the men demanding these services, sex workers must relinquish potential profit and conform or risk their entire livelihood. Although these features of the risk environment have been shown to shape HIV risk among FSWs generally, there is a dearth of empirical data regarding their influence among underage FSWs. Structural violence represents a failure of the state to honour the rights of these women. Legal sex workers often report one another, and they are most likely to experience violence at the hands of other sex workers. I hope that the reader will forgive me, and that the conclusions from my article can be used to analyse a variety of cases as they relate to sex work in neoliberal and developing states. Kelley argues that these disciplinary practices, combined with the free market pressures applied to the sex industry, has the effect of individualizing and isolating women. While the non-regulation of male consumers implies that they are engaging in normal behavior, the regulation of women implies that they are behaving in a way that is inacceptable. They serve a similar group of consumers and work similar hours, except that they earn less for their services. Colonias populares suffer from high rates of crime and few emergency services to prevent them. She is all, that is, on the plane of the inessential; she is all the Other. These laws, and the policies and practices surrounding them, result from the social negotiation of what constitutes moral or criminal action as it relates to sex. Mexican border cities are an intense expression of neoliberalism, and the power structures created by neoliberalism. As we know, The United States has had an outsized role in shaping the Mexican economy.

    Mexican sex workers

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      Although Mexico is a patriarchal society, I argue that market forces play a larger role than culture in objectifying and commodifying women. Economic migration ensued, bringing people to the only places where there were new jobs:

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