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    Maintaining a boundary between your job and private life is another. In fact, there is a happy ending. She was the first entertainer to win all three awards. She towers over Times Square on a billboard. Then they offered me lots of money to do boy-girl. She also rightly finds the question insulting.

    Jenna jaimeson sex scene

    Nor does she have the up-for-anything trashiness of the countless girls who pass through the industry. It'll be her first and last movie, and she'll regret it - to her dying day. Live-in girlfriend of a biker tattoo artist. What I'm trying to get at here is the class cluelessness that has always seemed part of the knee-jerk reaction against any type of sex work. For her, playing the victim is offensively easy. Back when strippers were occasional guests on daytime talk shows instead of the staple they've become , there were always a few well-appointed middle-class women in the studio audience who rose to chide the guest on her lack of self-respect and ask how she would ever manage to justify her job to her children. Jameson is the prototype of a new sort of star, one who doesn't treat her particular brand of notoriety as notoriousness. In March , Jameson was reportedly missing meetings with producers, thus endangering the movie, due to problems with a recent vaginoplasty. And, by extension, neither are the millions of us who watch Jenna Jameson and who have made her the most successful star in the history of adult movies. Raped by his uncle. How to Make Love Like a Porn Star is lively, hellaciously entertaining, sharp, feisty and touching enough to earn Jameson the right to wear that 'Heart Breaker' tattoo on her right butt cheek. One of the best and toughest chapters in the book is Jameson's advice to would-be porn stars. I can walk into one of the big media megastores and buy one of her movies or a 'Got Jenna? She tried to restrict herself to five films per year and two weeks of dancing per month. For her, porn has not been and is not a stepping stone to 'legitimate' show biz. Grdina has said that Jameson's films averaged sales of , copies, compared with run-of-the-mill pornographic films, which did well to sell 5, She and her older brother Tony were raised Catholic , [18] [19] though they were essentially left to parent each other. She's not a real person. In the late s, Jameson guest hosted several episodes of the E! Without it, she might still be Jenna Massoli, a Vegas biker's girlfriend content to get high on crank, perhaps still stripping at a local dive and not going anywhere. Maintaining a boundary between your job and private life is another. The professional in Jameson seems ashamed by the diva behaviour she indulged in following her success, though it's tough to read her account of that time and not feel that, for the money they make off her, the producers deserved a little bitchiness in their lives. But the route they take to get there is one that - often recklessly - shuns all the traditional middle-class safety nets of college or vocational training or settling down in one place. Look at her book with that phrase - porn star right there in the title, no coyness about it. Written with New York Times contributor Neil Strauss, the book is a captivating mess - with autobiography; celebrity dish; tips on making it in porn; transcribed conversations between Jenna, her brother and her father; pages from her teen diary, photo albums with everything from childhood snaps to skin shots to wedding pictures; comics; a '10 commandments of dating' along with a list of the ones her husband has broken , all tossed together. Here, one does, and that's as much a tribute to Strauss' ability to merge with his subject as it is to the strength of Jameson's personality. But I'm not likely to see her turning up on Letterman or Leno - and if she did, the conversation would likely be about the novelty of her being there at all.

    Jenna jaimeson sex scene

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      She tried to restrict herself to five films per year and two weeks of dancing per month. Jameson stays mum on the growing number of adult stars who hire themselves out to escort services.

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      But the comparison isn't entirely off the mark. A happy second marriage to porn director Justin Sterling, now her only male partner, on-screen and off.

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