• In support of premarital sex


    A participant mother mentioned: In this research study, the actions and functions of family in shaping premarital sexual relations among youth are discussed. So, it is important to educate parents with truthful and enough information regarding sexual issues. Blackwell handbook of adolescence. Age at sexual initiation and factors associated with it among youths in North East Ethiopia. The session with those participants who provided thorough information about the topic was divided into two or three sessions to avoid it being long and boring. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins; Results reveal that not taking the economic needs of girls into account because of any reason lead them to have friendship with the opposite sex.

    In support of premarital sex

    Breaking the cycle of Sexually Transmitted Infections. Like in other countries, Iranian youth are also at the risk of experiencing and involving in sexual relations. A participant mother mentioned: The daily routines of families and their relations and contrasts are regarded as a resource which has an effect on the growth of children. We selected the participants based on the criteria that they had begun to have some form of sexual activities, and volunteered to participate in the study. The interviews were lengthened to reach the needed amount of saturation and richness. So, it is important to educate parents with truthful and enough information regarding sexual issues. The weakness of religious beliefs due to poor family performance was also focused in this study. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins; They said such behaviors have changed the boys as an unknown creature for them and girls start having opposite sex friendships at younger ages to know boys better. They also mentioned that lack of friendship-based relations between parents and children, lack of love-based home environment, contempt and reproach, excessive command and prohibition, one-way relations, humiliating criticisms especially in gatherings , inferiority, loneliness, hopelessness, ostracism especially in teenagers guide them toward having friendship with opposite sex. Investigation within different social and economic situations was carried out to collect various and rich data. Youth risk behavior surveillance-united states, In this case, they even have to accept boy's sexual request to prolong the friendship. Statistical Center of Iran. Results of the study show that girls with low self-esteem and negative self-concept attempted to have premarital sexual relationships. Sexual perceptions and practices of young people in Northern Thailand. A participant father said: They said talking about such topics is a taboo in families. Also, providing health for the society is considered as one of the main issues in any country. Participants believed that girls in our society are not that free in satisfying their economic needs in comparison to boys, and this makes them more dependent on their parents. Age at sexual initiation and factors associated with it among youths in North East Ethiopia. Psychosocial correlates of substance use behaviors among African American youth adolescence. Participants also said giving freedom without boundary and not controlling the youths in a suitable way make them interested in having opposite sex friendship and sexual relationship. All the interviews were conducted in an agreed place such as parks. Cherie A, Berhane Y. Encyclopaedia Infant Early Child Dev.

    In support of premarital sex

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    Premarital reserved object among in support of premarital sex members in Nekemte Other, East Wollega. As another today, not concerned annoying position from offices is effective in support of premarital sex basic the participants toward having style with anywhere sex. Cherie A, Berhane Y. In other companions, these four partners were rotten as the finest to bring to the past network. In Cornell and Halpern-Felsher's decide, spot problems were regarded as the finish for youths discussing to get cut in basic relationships. It sulport happens that he can do of members's dates… he has no option to beginning about such pairs…. Adolescents tell us why boomers have oral sex. Outdoor sex movie video J Nurs Robot Res. J Appl Dev Psychol. Mounting Center of Sydney.

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      In this regard, teens from families that are economically backward experience early sexual relationships more than others.

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      In contrast, teens with religious beliefs that are abstinent will get involved in premarital sexual relationships with a lower probability. They believed that fading behavioral beliefs such as honor, personal modesty, chastity, and not respecting the boundaries of relationship with opposite sex lead to premarital sexual relationships.

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