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    Like all birds deprived of the exercise they would normally get in the wild, galahs should have a low-fat diet. Your cocky will know what to do from there. Cockatoos have formidable pipes and are capable of very penetrating screeches. Unfriendly reaction to their plundering, loss of habitat and a fair amount of brazenness have seen cockatoos move into well-populated areas of the country, like the Peninsula. The feathers will regrow in about a year. The bare-eyed cockatoo -- also known as the little Corella -- can be misidentified, though the female tends to be smaller with shorter feathers around her eyes. Some species of cockatoo are sexually dimorphic and some aren't; and you'll have to wait a few years until the bird is mature to learn the gender. The long-billed corella is a relatively small cockatoo, averaging 35 to 41 centimetres at maturity.

    How to sex cockatoos

    You should also be aware that these birds are among the more destructive chewers and their unmistakable stuttered, falsetto cry can be truly impressive. There are a number of chores which must be carried out on a regular basis. Then open the cage door, slowly reach in and do the same thing. Both sexes measure about 35 centimetres in length, weigh roughly grams and generally have grey bodies, legs and beak. When you do give your bird human food, be very careful about temperature of the food. While their range may not be vast, long-billed corellas are quite common in the open and riverine forests, woodlands and farmlands of south-central Victoria and south-western New South Wales. Males start whistling and imitating sounds when they are around six months old. Forget mineral blocks, lava blocks and other such commercial beak-grooming products. Of course, using the bill this way brings the birds into rather intimate contact with the soil, resulting in soiled under-feathers. Or of course get him a mate if you are interested in breeding. The throat and breast are a rich, rosy red colour. The age of the cockatoo is not important for determining the sex in this way, which makes it possible to determine the sex even when the cockatoo chick is still in the nest. When hand-raised, they make fine pets. Both males and females will engage in egg-incubating behavior. The same goes for some house plants. Since cockatoos need about the same amount of attention as a two-year-old child, this relationship can involve a fairly substantial commitment. Their large, imposing size, solid colours and expressive crests; their curiousity, sense of adventure and weird antics; their distinct personalities and tremendous capacity for affection; their high intelligence and absolute delight in being touched and scratched on the back of the neck all combine to make cockatoos very, very special pets. While the actual virus can be killed by chlorine disinfectants, there is no treatment for the disease. Where owners are unable to devote enough time and attention, the addition of a second bird will help considerably. That beak can be fatal. You should use at least three food dishes: The rather elaborate courtship display of the male features an energetic dance with crest raised and head swinging from side. Corellas — We have three species in Australia: Apples, pears, plums, sultanas, oranges, bananas, peaches, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, chickweed and dandelions are just a few suggestions that should go down well. As you can see from the photos, the back, wings and tail are all grey, varying from a deep charcoal to a very light fog shade. Their natural menu includes seeds, grain, roots, green shoots, leaf buds and insects and their larvae, but they also quite enjoy the young shoots of wheat as well as ripening crops.

    How to sex cockatoos

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      Of course, using the bill this way brings the birds into rather intimate contact with the soil, resulting in soiled under-feathers. To make sure no one in the neighbourhood misses these aerobatic antics, they accompany their manoeuvres with emphatic screeching.

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      Like the long-billed, both sexes are mostly white with sulphur-yellow colouring on the underwing and beneath the tail.

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      DNA Testing In many species both genders are very similar, especially when young, and it is not possible to tell them apart by just looking at them. In recent times as more land as been cleared and sources of water have increased, the little corella has established isolated but rapidly expanding populations along the east coast with growing pockets in the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and around Sydney.

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