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    It looked like mine, and felt like mine. My tongue went to work, gathering and drinking her nectar, it was like heaven. I continued holding his cock, and watching her facial emotions. Then to my surprise, she reached back in to the nightstand, and pulled out what looked like a blindfold. I had never dreamed this would be so great. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

    Hot wild crazy sex

    His hands went to her ass cheeks, pulling, then pushing her pussy to his waiting cock. A small drop of pre-cum formed at the tip. The fingers tightened around his shaft, milking the cock as if it would be the last ever felt. Assured the tied wrist, would not cut the circulation off, she traced her knowing hands to my ankles. My finger went to this clear drop of fluid, touched and gathered it. My ass tightened around her strap-on inside my ass. Oh yes, this night would be full of sex. The mixture of fluids ran free of the soaked panty. I had never dreamed this would be so great. It took several moments for my eyes to adjust. Not too tight, but tight enough for no escape, and the same for the left. Would you like for me to get him ready for you? My ass grew tight as I shot in this man. She placed her hands to my head, pulling me close, but not touching. And when you get me all clean, from him fucking me, I want you to fuck my used pussy, harder than he did. It looked like mine, and felt like mine. I want him to cum again in my pussy, and then I want you to eat it out. Driving his cock in her, with every withdraw, she would grind her pelvic to his. And who are you planning to use that on? He rocked back into me, wanting to have more of my cock in his body. Outside the door, she walked to her Blazer, opened the door, to the back seat, and pulled this strange man to her waiting arms. Her moans of approval rang through out our bedroom. Once in my mouth, I rolled the hot cum around, savoring the taste, and texture, of the hot cream. Neither one of us worried about him, this was our thing, he was just along for the ride, and had to take what he got, but he was right with us on. The wetness seeped down her inner thighs. The warmth and tight ass, was starting to feel good, holding my cock.

    Hot wild crazy sex

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      A million things ran through my mind, as her lips, and the strange hands did there magic on me. She gasped for air, as he inserted a finger in her wet pussy.

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      He placed his hands to my head, with a gesture of stopping, the sucking. He was ready, as I reached for his cock.

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      The gentle massaging, causing my cock to throb harder, I wanted to cum, but I also wanted to wait. Her hand finished its trip to my waiting lips.

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