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    Chung and Choi released their first album three months later. If you are still in possession of these images, I urge you to please destroy them immediately. So how is this "one country, two systems" thing going to work? This caused massive jams, delays and crashes. In the other photograph, the persons who resembled Bobo Chan and Edison Chen were engaged in a sexual act. Let's help the wounded heal their wounds. Previously, over the course of the past nine days, around twenty photographs of Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung were posted onto the Internet and then circulated broadly around the world. The Edison Chen story is of great interest to some netizens in mainland China, so that many of them were rushing down to the HK Golden forum to find out about the lastest.

    Gillian chung yan tung sex photos

    There are also photographs of three more entertainers Candice Chan, Rachel Ngan, Mandy Chan who were hardly known to the general public before this but are now household names. Chen, 28, said in court: Another photograph was of a woman who could not be identified. ORZ, is this idea too crazy? That forum post did not contain any of the photographs, but people were posting the hyperlinks. In a new book called "Angels on Earth", which went on sale yesterday, the singer-actress says she nearly lost her mind when images of her intimate moments with Chen were widely circulated on the internet. Workers at the second computer shop also discovered the folder of photographs and gathered around to gawk at the female celebrities. But the registration form includes the following option at the bottom: What will happen in when the two systems are supposed to have converged? Cheung, who at several points during the interview was on the verge of tears, accused Chen of pretending to be kind and merciful. On that evening, the 'lights went out' at Forum 1. At the smaller HK Galden Forum, visitors are now required to register. It is illegal to have a lot of these pictures, as they might be used for publishing or selling. If Tianya should fire me, I will just have to say sorry to everybody. The pictures, sent through e-mails and internet messaging systems, were seen as a challenge to police, who said on Monday putting obscene photos on the internet, a public domain, was an offence but sending them to friends was not. He called the staggered distribution of the images a 'well-planned attack', but did not elaborate. Chung was dropped from performing in the Summer Olympics opening ceremony by director Zhang Yimou. As a result, large numbers of curious netizens rushed over to HK Golden Forum to find the latest news and photographs. The shower matches the one in Edison Chen's YouTube clip. How can we live a healthy and happy life? While the other large discussion forums such as Uwants and Discuss. The pop star had refused to return to Hong Kong to testify at Sze's trial, so special arrangements were made to allow him to give evidence in the Canadian city where he grew up and now lives. Mr Wong rejected suggestions of selective police enforcement in the case, saying there was evidence that all except the suspected source had distributed the photos. She had decided to come out now because of Chen's words in Vancouver, she said. Their names are probably now among the top ten most popular search engine terms.

    Gillian chung yan tung sex photos

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    Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) - On Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍)

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      Others said I should do pornography But they do not have any other probable cause at this time.

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      But Chen, who fled the media spotlight to Canada after the pictures surfaced in January last year, said he would not answer questions of an 'intimate nature' about the women.

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      He also denied that the force had allocated extra manpower to investigate this case due to the involvement of celebrities.

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      On the afternoon of January 31, , certain HK Golden members predicted the website will shut down due to traffic overload. The Hong Kong police says that there are 1, photographs in total.

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      During the hiatus, she took classes in many areas, such as kung fu Wing Chun , gymnastics, singing, dancing and acting, which she hoped would serve her professionally. Other promotion events were cancelled.

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