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    Would you do it again? Also, you will note that my edits to the Masturbation article rearranged the images so that ones associated with a given section actually were placed with the section, and included removal of an image, not addition of an image. Many of the women interviewed had been jailed multiple times and had fallen in and out of the control of pimps over a period of years. I can tell you about all the calls I ended because they wanted to discuss illegal things. Please take a moment to review my edit. We had cubicles and headsets and lockers. When I was hired, I had a choice to be paid at a flat hourly fee or a slightly lower hourly fee plus a per-minute commission. A few called to hear specific story scenarios, like the barely legal teen or the girl with the big boobs.

    Foon sex

    The Board or whoever needs to make sure that no ponographic links are created. As of February , "External links modified" talk page sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. Moving the image back to the lede was necessary. The one thing that these callers had in common was that they talked with me about everything but sex for about an hour before the naughtiness started. Again, the bottom line is, links need to be evaluated for validity as an informational resource; not simply dis-allowed on policy for being 'commercial' or 'pornographic'. A few called to hear specific story scenarios, like the barely legal teen or the girl with the big boobs. The words you used on my talk page were "You should not project your personal issues with shame or nudity onto others. I don't see any general pattern in your total of 18 edits. The majority seemed to just want to talk about vanilla-style sex. So, they focus on providing support, information and protection. There was the guy who wanted to talk about incest. But I might if I really needed to. That call, actually, was what put me over the edge of quitting. The office was laid out like a regular call center. Given that, as of this writing, the archived Talk page simply reads "Not mature enough to allow you to have this page! Is there a particular reason that all of User: As an active member of the Wikipedia: I was modeling in painting and sculpture classes, and I had just started working as a legal proofreader, for which I was paid great money, but the work was sparse. What were the callers like? If I had reliable sources handy, they would have been added by now. When the image was removed -- it stayed that way. Prison bank accounts are also used to send money to women, establishing a debt that is used to coerce them into prostitution on their release. At that particular time I was going through all of the articles that are listed on the Masturbation template shown in the right in this article and fixing it. Child sex workers in Turkana make, on average, about 50 shillings, or less than 50 cents, per client. Naturally the lede image for the article has priority over a template for a category for which the topic is within. Reverse says "Printed in Saxony. No special action is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below.

    Foon sex

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      When you say things like you have, such as "It strikes me as an SPA whose sole purpose is voyeurism or exhibitionism as opposed to objective documentation. Now, the 'pornographic links' question is different.

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      It should be no surprise that sexology and sexuality articles, such as ejaculation , naturism , pregnancy , and breast have images that involve nudity. You feel that participation within ones area of expertise is wp:

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      Based on the caption it would appear that it is intended to serve as an illustration of what someone may think of while engaging in phone sex with an unknown party, but it seems to me that the caption as it appears would actually apply better if the image was of someone who most people would see as less attractive.

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      Somebody produced it and added it to the article where it met with much hostility from various editors.

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