• Dad and daugher sex


    I set her down on my penis. I roughly turned Alice over, and saw to my horror, that I made her bleed. I had her sit on my face, as I ate her out. They were about the size of apples. Can you wash the rest of me?

    Dad and daugher sex

    She smiled, and put its big head into her mouth. I licked her clit, and she came. The nipples were dark pink, and they stuck straight out. With my other hand, I put it into her vagina. I continued to lick and suck her breast. Alice moved her legs a little, so her little slit was opened up. I managed to get it in easier this time. I had her sit on my face, as I ate her out. I flipped Alice onto the bed, and mounted her. I roughly turned Alice over, and saw to my horror, that I made her bleed. I left Alice sitting on my penis, while I waited for it to go soft. I think my daughter just had another orgasm. My fingers sought out her little ass hole. I pulled out, and quickly slammed into her vagina. Alice took my hand, and placed it on her breast. After about 10 minutes, the most amazing thing happened. This story is complete fictional! I slowly ran my finger back and forth from her ass hole , to her clit. Alice started grinding against my hand. I was getting turned on again. I took it into my mouth, and sucked it. I began to massage it, I was playing and teasing her nipples. I was getting so excited. I went into my bed room and masturbated. I think that I babied her. Slowly opening her eyes, she was looking straight at my penis.

    Dad and daugher sex

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