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    Lack of chi or energy there can affect the bladder and possibly sexual function. Is there a pit in your stomach? Other confirmations of the abuse were through intuitive readings by others during my 12 year training at Aesclepion Intuitive Training. Sexual problems such as: This is why the mind needs to be bypassed in looking for clues and an accurate picture. Physical manifestations such as: After surgery, the infections started to return within a year with increasing frequency. There were actually three visits that spanned over a couple of years.

    Backseatbus sex

    On his third visit I was working on a client when he entered the room. After having no luck with alternative methods, including my adventure to the Amazon and working with Shamans and their plant medicines, I discovered my ability to tap into the numerical energetic frequency of body organs. For those who have been sexually abused, this guard is always on hyper alert. As I said before, the body never forgets. There are lots of other ways I know I was sexually abused even though I have no memories, but the most profound was a visit by my father after his passing. More subtle indications could be lack of self-worth, not feeling beautiful, low grade depression…the list could be endless. The numbers world wide are even higher. Lack of chi or energy there can affect the bladder and possibly sexual function. The ironic metaphor being…the bloodline my father crossed over crossed a boundary the ureter the connection to my sex organs…according to Chinese medicine. After surgery, the infections started to return within a year with increasing frequency. Here is a short list of the ways buried sexual abuse may be affecting you as an adult female: I finally have permission to believe my own truth. Since I can only heal others to the extent I have healed myself…my journey joyfully continues. I now know that dreams that wake us up and leave us feeling distressed have important messages for us. He was very leering and pervy. He was wearing white pant and a white tee-shirt. As a healer, the one thing that always surprises me is that there always seems like there is more to heal…bringing darkness into the light. I believe the numbers are much higher. Often emotional memories are too intense to revisit. Diseased and unhealthy cells cannot thrive in this high frequency. He seemed happy and healthy. Over and over the same circumstance reaffirmed again and again without saying anything to the readers. My journey started about the time my daughter was the age I was when my abuse started…two and a half. It was like a maze that kept reaching deadends. I am able to access information where universal truth exists. I was clearly awake and only resting.

    Backseatbus sex

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