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    He seems kinda nuts. The bestselling book by Jay Anson was nothing less than a cultural phenomenon, scaring folks out of their bedclothes from coast to coast and even in foreign countries. The fact that one of the first things possessed Sonny does is seduce his sister indicates that possession is being linked with sexuality. He seems to see whatever is causing the POV camera shot, although nothing is there. Is that normal procedure?

    Amnityville possesion sex scene

    So exorcism became more interesting because now it was a belief and mysterious ritual that was more accessible to the lay people. The Amityville Horror has had a long lasting cultural impact, spawning a remake in and numerous sequels, prequels, sidequels, TV references, and more. Adamsky again visits and blesses the house, which upsets Sonny. As she says the prayer, a mirror falls down, and Father freaks out, blames Sonny. Where part one now plays as a staid, slow-moving relic in which nothing much really happens, A2: Before you can say "Hotel New Hampshire! Oh yeah, the Dad has a rack of guns in the basement near the hidden room. And finds the prayer book in his car torn to ribbons. Which is an interesting deviation from other early exorcism cinema, where usually you have a skeptical priest who has to be convinced that something is happening. Which could just indicate a moody teen. The family, inexplicably renamed "Montelli" for the purposes of this film, is made up of a high-strung religious mother Golden Raspberry-nominated Rutanya Alda , an abusive greaseball father prolific character actor Burt Young of the Rocky series fame , angelic tots Mark and Jan Brent and Erika Katz , budding vivacious teenager Patricia a scrumptuous Diane Franklin ; see also the John Cusack comedy Better Off Dead , and sullen chicken-chested eldest son Sonny. Sorry, I don't speak German. So far the Dad comes off as overbearing, militaristic, oppressive. Things quickly go from icky to creepy when her brother pulls a pair of her dirty panties from his pocket, explaining he got them from the laundry. And the sinister "face" of the house has become iconic shorthand for everything a threatening, demon-possessed house should be. At times Sonny looks and acts okay, other times not. Jack Magner plays Sonny with effective wounded menace; early scenes where he angrily but powerlessly cowers before his slap-happy dad--even before they get into the house for the first time! Sonny just called Patricia beautiful, wants her to pose for him as a beautiful model. However, taken by itself, this movie presents some very troubling sexual dynamics between individuals who use their dominance to overpower others, while these more submissive others are not seen as resisting or hating the oppression. That is a bit of foreshadowing I bet. Amityville II is by far the most terrifying of all the Amityville installments, and would not find a theater friendly R rating without some cuts even today. I was way cooler with the douchy guy, Rick, taking her virginity instead of her brother. Mother is the religious one, makes them remember to do prayer before eating. It is directed by an Italian. It is an early 80s horror movie. Priest then goes to teen boy in jail cell, starts praying but Sonny attacks him. The glow of the film's boffo B.

    Amnityville possesion sex scene

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      The door to the hidden room opens itself — in POV camera work something appears to come out to the mother. The priest lives, possessed, with an uncertain future, just as Sonny lives, with an uncertain future.

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      While it could be questioned as due to some type of mental illness, the movie never addresses a realistic cause for everything — just puts all of its bets on the supernatural craziness. By having just the priest and the teen boy left, we again have the narrative of the priest as protagonist who must defeat the evil of the possessed one.

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