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    Max and Dazzle were obviously well trained in this aspect, whether Maureen fucked them daily or the club members they laid down right away. Johnny and Chris had their cocks out in a second as the twins knelt before them taking a cock each in their mouths. Neither knew this, they were trying to stay upright as they took the weight of the massive dogs on their backs. It was fully twenty minutes before the dogs began to shrink, Jolie lost count of the times she had cum, she wanted to stay like this for hours. This one was bigger than Rex, maybe he would make her feel like Jolie did when Marcus fucked her, she hoped so.

    Amateur homemade suburban sex movies

    Jolie ha d seen Lanny do it without hesitation so she jus t grabbed his cock at the first opportunity and sucked it clean. Rex mounted Charlie and stabbed about a bit before he found her hole making her cry out. Charlie and Brendan were waiting to use the bathroom so they went downstairs to have a coffee. They had always been obedient girls and did as they were told, the cum was warm as both dogs kept cumming in each mouth and they swallowed. Marcus and Rex sniffed around each pussy licking both as and pussy as the sisters moaned with pleasure. They wasted no time, Jolie had Dazzle down on the floor playing with his sheath in seconds as Wendy followed suit. Sounds of slurping filled the room as both heads bobbed up and down on the two by now very long dog dicks. Charlie and Jolie were told to serve drinks to the company as Johnny and Chris developed bulges in their pants watching the twins. A few pulls and strokes and both dogs cocks were beginning to show. Jolie slipped out quietly and went to the bathroom first before slipping downstairs quietly. Now he was awake and hard again he was ready to fuck them again. Both pulled off their robes to be both naked as they sucked deep on each cock. The twins were sort of in agreement, it had been a little painful being knotted but now, it was actually quite nice. They hung down now as Dazzle spurted shot after shot into her wet cunt as she laid her head on her folded arms. His cock was like a small vibrator, it wa s throbbing inside her as cum spurted from his cock. Jolie did indeed know her, she was about five foot eleven, massive tits and a great body. Charlie chose Marcus the great Dane, she had watched Lanny sit under him, he was so gentle. Mom was naked as well now as she greeted each one of them. Jolie was swallowing the hot cum, she ha d become a dog slut overnight as Dazzle kept filling her mouth. They had got so worked up watching the twins that they came too soon, both asses were filled with cum as the boys pulled out. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http: They both showered and came downstairs naked as ordered with their butt plugs back in. The throbbing was making Jolie begin to cum, she had never had an orgasm, this was good as she screamed out loud. She gently stroked his knot as she sucked, soon this wonderful ball of cum would be in her wet cunt filling her. Dazzle and Max had filled their bitches, and were now having their cocks cleaned by them as everyone lay back exhausted. Brendan was hugging Mom and Daddy was hugging Maureen very tightly squeezing her bum cheeks and putting his finger in the crack. Neither knew this, they were trying to stay upright as they took the weight of the massive dogs on their backs.

    Amateur homemade suburban sex movies

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      She had only just began to get herself together again and asked if she could join the fuck club till she was ready to date, all agreed. Her reverie was broken by something cold in her ass, Mom was applying the gel to her, the time had come to have her first cock up her ass.

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